Tire repair

Over the years, the rubber manufacturing industry has developed and is developing a lot. With the equipment of our workshop, we also install and repair tires for cars and vans.

The tire change in our workshop during the season usually lasts from March to May and from October to January. During the spring and winter season, we change tires on time. Our customers can log in in person or by phone. In the off-season, we can even receive customers immediately, but since the weather changes, the seasonal tire changes may also be different.

In our tire workshop, we do not fit tires that are older than 10 years or that our professional tire fitter deems to be in poor condition. Our company also accepts scrap tires. Since the tire is considered hazardous waste due to its components, we cannot throw it away anywhere.

Our workshop also deals with the repair of damaged tires. This repair covers minor damage. In the event of damage or loss of pressure, we will examine the tire and correct the defect with an appropriate repair method.

We also provide our customers with a tire storage service according to their needs. This service is especially beneficial for those customers who do not have the opportunity to store it, as well as for our elderly customers, the storage period is 6 months.

Our customers with a car under warranty do not have to go to the brand service center for a tire change either, as we can recalibrate the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) of any brand with the equipment of our workshop.

Rubber services

Tire repair

Tire removal and installation of passenger and light goods vehicles.


Balancing the impact of the wheels.

Defect repair

Repairing a damaged tire.

Tire pressure adjustment
Tire storage

Seasonal tire storage. The storage period is 6 months

Acceptance of scrap tires

Acceptance and delivery of hazardous waste

Rim repair

Damaged rim repair, inner edge cleaning. Its "rolling" was carried out by a subcontractor.

Calibration of tire pressure sensor system

Damage to the tread

These injuries are mostly caused by nails, shards of glass and other smaller sharp cutting objects.

The location of the damage is difficult to notice when installed. We experience a pressure drop in the given tire.

Cutout on the side wall

This injury is mostly caused by parking and driving into potholes.

This damage is not dangerous as long as the fabric of the sidewall is not exposed and the tire loses pressure.

Slaceration injury

It is caused by driving into pits and potholes and aging.

This damage cannot be repaired.

Rubber valve aging

In case of loss of pressure, another reason may be that the rubber valve or the needle valve is damaged or old.

In the evening, if you find the above or other damages on your vehicle, be sure to have it checked by a mechanic!

Inner rim rusting

Due to the formation of rust, there is not a sufficient seal between the rim and the tire, which is why the air pressure escapes.

Depending on the extent of the affected surface, there may be a rapid or slow loss of pressure.

This error phenomenon can be corrected by edge cleaning