We assess the paintwork and damage of the incoming vehicle, every single scratch and minor dent, and then perform the repairs requested by the customers according to agreement. Depending on the extent of the damage, we will repair the damage with appropriate locking technology (if necessary).

As a rule, we also carry out the restoration of accident vehicles, which is carried out in a color different from the factory color or individually selected according to taste. The selected color will be made by a subcontractor.

We undertake full vehicle painting for passenger cars, light trucks and motorcycles. Our prices depend on the type of paint, the size, condition and quality of the surface to be polished. We ask our customers to contact us for more information.

According to the needs of our customers, we also undertake value-enhancing polishing of vehicles. In the majority of cases, we can say that we can polish all scratches in which a human fingernail does not get stuck. This condition is not true in all cases, please inquire personally at our service center for further information by assessing the condition of the paintwork.

Our polishing services


After preparations, bodywork elements,. or complete polishing.

Polishing of rims

Repair of damaged rims, value-enhancing painting after repair.


Polishing scratched surfaces, removing minor scratches and minor paint defects.

Headlight polishing

Renewal of scratched, faded and worn headlights.

What are the most common paint damage and how do we recognize them?

Corrosion is the biggest cause of damage to the bodywork of motor vehicles, which is mainly caused by winter weather conditions: frost, snow, slush and de-icing road spray, so corrosion starts in hairline cracks. You put it on with a shovel if the dirt is not removed regularly.


The chassis of the vehicle, thresholds, and the front and rear fender arches are particularly exposed to high stress.

It is worth repairing at the beginning of its appearance, so we save money later, since a small surface needs to be treated and repaired.

Detachment of paint

As a rule, it can be the result of bad preparation or the wrong choice of raw materials

Fading and matting

The varnish layer usually loses its original quality over time, this is called fading or matting.

Damages and scratches

Injuries mostly occur during accidents and parking. 

Smaller scratches are usually the result of washing with a brush

Detachment of varnish surface

The above information is informative. For further questions or quotations, please contact us.