Car mechanical repair

When using a car, many of us forget that time leaves its mark not only on us but also on our vehicle. As our vehicle gets older and more tired, just like us, breakdowns occur more often in our vehicle. We often encounter regularly missed oil changes, ignoring abnormal knocks, or failures due to fluid loss, etc., and then all of a sudden you get a phone call that something has gone wrong... However, by performing the prescribed maintenance on time, we can keep our vehicle in good condition, thus saving ourselves from major expenses.

In today's rapidly developing world, something new is invented almost every day, and this is also true for the car industry. While cars manufactured around or before the turn of the millennium could even be assembled at home with some enthusiasm and follow-up, we are talking about more and more complicated structures for the new cars sold in the near future.. On these cars, we no longer know what to do at idle with a screw. nowadays, almost everything is controlled by electronics or an electric parking brake, etc. which we cannot touch at home without a diagnostic tool and competent expertise. 

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With our company's equipment and our professional team, we are always ready for our customers, whether it is an oil change, a chassis renovation, an engine overhaul, or the renovation of an accidental vehicle. 
Your satisfaction is important to us, which is why we guarantee all the work we do.

Our car assembly services

Periodic maintenance
Chassis repair
Torque converter repair
Error code deletion
Great service
Engine generates
Component removal and installation
Brake repair
Exhaust repair
Error detection
Headlight adjustment