Body repair

Our company repairs the bodywork of accident-prone, damaged and corroded vehicles. Depending on the extent and location of the damage and corrosion, we replace or repair the affected bodywork element. Our workshop has a drawing bench and frame, some with 20 and 30 ton hydraulic push/pull cylinders. Vehicles are constantly "damaged" because most cars are parked outside in the open air, this process is more intense in the winter months, salty slush, steam and condensing dirty water from below, and precipitation and smog from above attack the bodywork, and in some cases even from the inside the heating system also leaks... As a result of this, the paintwork dulls, the seals get old, the sun sucks out the passenger compartment, and of course the car gets dirty. It is advisable to regularly wash your vehicle from top to bottom, especially in the winter months, so that the aging process can be somewhat slowed down. We recommend that as soon as the corrodation appears on your vehicle, you should take it to have it done as soon as possible, since usually in this case a smaller surface needs to be repaired, which means a lower cost. The repair time of the damaged vehicle is affected by the damaged surface, but we strive for the fastest possible repair. If requested by our customers, we provide a replacement car for the duration of the repair.

Our body repair services

Cavity and chassis protection
Repair removal of damaged broken fasteners
Repair of rusty element
Replacement of windshield and glasses
Installation of internal elements
Removal and reassembly of bodywork elements